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Please use the contact form below to ask a question. Once you send your question, your own customer file and ticket number will automatically be generated and you will be guaranteed a response within 24-48 business hours. Often much, much sooner!


Due to an overwhelming amount of long emails (sometimes 5-6+ paragraphs long), and many readers sending in 4-5 email questions per day, we are having to enforce certain criteria/guidelines so our team of herbalists and customer service staff are able to serve all of our readers and customers more efficiently. Please adhere to the following guidelines…

  • All emails must be less than 300 characters. We have made this easy for you by creating a box that will not accept more than this. Please format your message clearly, using direct questions.
  • Do not send in more than 1 email in a 24 hour period. If we receive multiple emails before your 1st email was answered, they will be merged with the original ticket.
  • If you have a very long list of questions, or a wide variety of topics that you would like guidance with, please book a Natural Fertility Consultation so our herbalists can best serve your needs. By booking a Natural Fertility Consultation you will have access to: an herbalist who is assigned to you, answers to all of your questions, a detailed plan created specifically for you to get the best results with your Natural Fertility program.

Please understand that Customer Care Representatives are not qualified to answer any medical questions.

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With hundreds of pages of free fertility information! If you want to learn more about a specific fertility issue and which products may benefit you please use the search feature to the bottom left of this page. Type in any fertility issue into our search engine and it will take you to a list of relevant articles and fertility guides you can review quickly and easily from your computer!

* Book a Fertility Consultation with an Herbalist

We provide in depth herbal consultations to help suggest the best therapies, foods, herbs, and supplements for your particular situation. Suggestions are made after you fill out our Fertility History Intake Form.
Click here to purchase a Fertility Consultation.