Fertility Benefits of Wobenzym N

Fertility Benefits of Wobenzym N

Systemic Enzyme Therapy for Fertility - Wobenzym NI am excited to share with all of you some important information about a systemic enzyme blend, backed by years of scientific research for a variety of fertility issues. Wobenzym N is an enzyme blend we like to use for Systemic Enzyme Therapy because it has been shown through research to be safe for use during pregnancy. This makes Wobenzym N a viable choice for women who desire to use Systemic Enzyme Therapy when trying to conceive.

Wobenzym is the only systemic enzyme formula that has been shown to safely reduce the incidence of immune related recurrent miscarriage during pregnancy. The research also shows no negative side effects on either the mother or baby through long-term use during pregnancy. Other studies have given hope to the healing of Chlamydia, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, Blocked Fallopian Tubes, scar tissue and adhesion reduction and elimination, and increased chance of healing other immune related fertility issues such as antisperm antibodies.

79% Success in Preventing Immunological Induced Miscarriage…

Recently we shared with you a wonderful study on the use of systemic enzyme therapy for women who’s bodies attack their fetus, which eventually leads to miscarriage. Many of these women have had multiple miscarriages until it was determined their bodies would trigger an immune response once they became pregnant. Doctors nor scientists can explain why the body does this, but they do know that in women with immune related miscarriage, the body sends attack cells to destroy the fetus. Wobenzym N was shown in this study to greatly reduce the incidence of miscarriage in women with immunological response to pregnancy resulting in miscarriage. In the 2000 study performed by Dr. F.-W. Dittmar there were 144 women treated using the systemic enzyme blend Wobenzym N. Of these 144, 114 were able to carry out their pregnancies and gave birth to healthy babies. This is a 79% success rate with no adverse side-effects.

Click here to download this study…

If you are one of these women who suffer from immunological induced miscarriage, talk to your doctor about this study and the proven safety of using Wobenzym N throughout pregnancy!

Video: Wobenzym for Natural Fertility Enzyme Therapy

Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) Treatment with Wobenzym N

Dr. F.-W. Dittmar also performed another study on women with Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). PID is a general term used to describe inflammation of the uterus, ovaries, and/or fallopian tubes. PID can be caused by parasitic, viral, fungal, but most often through bacterial infection. If left untreated PID can lead to scar tissue and adhesion formation. If PID advances to this stage it may lead to blocked fallopian tubes and sterility in women. PID often comes from Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD’s). 2/3 of women who have undergone laparascopic surgery to determine infertility cause who were found to have PID were unaware they even had PID.

Dr. Dittmar performed a randomized double -blind study on 100 female patients with PID. One group was given 5 tablets of Wobenzym N, three times a day. The control group was given an NSAID drug in the usual dosage. Both groups were also given antibiotics (PID requires antibiotics). The patients were given the treatment for 16 or 17 days. Wobenzym N performed with amazing results in fighting damage to tissues, pain, inflammation and overall pelvic congestion. 57% of women using Wobenzym N were without any complaints, whereas only 6% of women who took NSAIDs were without complaints. Overall, 100% of the patients who use Wobenzym N reported their condition as substantially improved, compared to only 73.5 % using the NSAIDs. In addition studies have shown Wobenzym N enhances the body’s response to use of antibiotic medications.

Wobenzym N in Combination with Antibiotics Helps to Eradicate Chlamydia

Chlamydia is one of the most curious STD’s today. This is because it is not a bacteria, fungus or virus, but yet it can do the most damage to fertility; sterility. Chlamydia can lead to PID, which may lead to blocked fallopian tubes, scar tissue, and adhesion as discussed above. It not only effects women, but men also. All of this may decrease your chances for a successful pregnancy. Chlamydia infection can also be very painful and damaging to the body. Chlamydia is always treated with a round of antibiotic treatment and it is usually successful, especially when caught very early. But in 30 to 50% of the cases there is no elimination of the Chlamydia. Instead the use of antibiotics may transform the infection into a latent chronic form and increase the likelihood for it to transform in to a drug-resistant infection.

In the case of Chlamydia infection, Wobenzym N was used in a study in Russia in 1997 to see if it could wipe-out any traces of Chlamydia infection when combined with antibiotic drug therapy. The study was done on both men and women. It is important to note that Chlamydia infection when advanced can be very uncomfortable. In women it can cause painful vaginal discharge, joint pain, itching, painful urination, inflammation of the cervix and inner surface of the eyelid. In the study 57% of the women were diagnosed as infertile, 35% had suffered recurrent miscarriages. For the men they were experiencing painful urination, pain in the perineum, anus and lumbar region, some urethral discharge and large amounts of blood in some areas of the body (hyperemia). Some of the men also had erectile dysfunction, and an 80.9% of reduction in sperm quality, count and health. Many of the sperm were deformed. This is a major concern for men with Chlamydia who are desiring to have children.

The first group of women who only used a course of antibiotic treatment had a success rate of only 17.2% eradication, with 72.4 percent still showing a pap smear with Chlamydia present.

Women who received antibiotic and Wobenzym N resulted in 66.7% complete recovery rate.

Men who received both antibiotics and Wobenzym N had an 89.5% complete recovery rate.

“The most expressive clinical effect was received using the combination of the antibiotic, enzymes and immuno-correction.”- 10/2006 report in the Russian language publication of the Georgia Medical News Report.

Healing Scar Tissue and Adhesion Formation

Scar tissue and adhesion causing fertility issues can form for a variety of reasons: uterine fibroids, pelvic surgery such as Cesarean Section, PID, damage to fallopian tubes, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, IUD, or abortion.

How systemic enzyme blends eliminate scar tissue:

  • The systemic enzyme blend works as a biological response modifier; working with the bodies own immune defense system to moderate inflammatory response.
  • They support cleansing of the tissues, promote better circulation.
  • They break down and remove “fibrin”, the make-up of prolonged inflammation and scar tissue/adhesion formation.
  • They break down the proteins in the blood that cause inflammation, this facilitates their removal via the lymphatic and circulatory system.
  • Reduction in inflammation, increase in proper blood formation, increase in proper circulation hinders scar tissue and adhesion formation, while reducing pain.

Using Wobenzym N Properly

It is important to realize that systemic enzyme blends work slowly over time. They are not like medications, either over the counter or prescription. Systemic enzyme blends are also much safer than medication and often just as effective. Systemic enzyme blends must be taken on an empty stomach 45 minutes to 1 hour prior to eating or 1-2 hours after consuming a meal. Drink with at least 8oz of water. It is better to take your dosage spread out in the day rather than all at once. Follow the directions on the product label, or as directed in a therapeutic dose as suggested by your health care practitioner. Wobenzym is best used for 1-3 months consistently for most conditions. It has been shown safe for long term use, even in pregnancy under the supervision of your doctor. Do not use this product without consulting your doctor if you are on blood thinners or other NSAID prescribed therapy. Click here to learn more about Fertility Enzyme Therapy…

“Wobenzym N is the most thoroughly researched enzyme mixture available worldwide. Wobenzym N contains five potent enzymes including pancreatin, trypsin, chymotrypsin, bromelain, and papain, as well as the bioflavanoind rutin. Wobenzym is clearly the most scientifically and clinically validated enzyme formula in the world.” -Michael Loes, M.D., M.D. (H.)

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