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I had been absent of my menstrual cycle for nearly three years, after several visits to the doctor (which birth control was the only solution in their eyes), I decided to look for natural remedies. After a week of using Rejuvaflow my cycle returned. It has been a year now and my cycle has been completely back to normal. Had to come back and leave a comment. SO thankful for this product.


Viktoriya AI was diagnosed with PCOS when I was 17. With my periods becoming nonexistent, every doctor said that the only way I would ever be able to get pregnant is with Clomid.

When I got married last year, we started trying right away. And after nothing happened for a couple of months, I knew that something needed to change.

I found this website and started following all of the advice. I completely changed my way of living. Starting with diet and exercise, all the way to managing my stress. I cut out all sugar, gluten, dairy. I started taking Vitex and Maca as well. I watched Heather’s Periscope videos and everything that she taught, I applied in my life. As well as my husband’s life.

After 5 months of this lifestyle, for the first time in my life, I started ovulating and having periods. And I got pregnant!

Unfortunately, that pregnancy ended up being ectopic. After my surgery, I didn’t give up and got right back to my lifestyle. Just one month after my surgery I got pregnant again! And this pregnancy has been great so far. I am now 20 weeks along, expecting a little baby boy.

I know that a year is not long, but it’s not just about getting pregnant. It’s about becoming healthy as well. I would go years without having a period, until I found this information. For 10 years I’ve been living knowing that I might never be able to get pregnant. And with my drastic change in my lifestyle, I was able to get pregnant within one year of marriage.

I am happy I found this website. And so happy that I found other options other than our modern medicine: birth control pills and clomid.

Thank you for helping us make this possible!

Viktoriya A., 27 years old, TTC 1 year

My husband and I have been together for over 11 years. We have been married for just over 6. We knew when we first started dating that we might have problems getting pregnant, but we never dreamed how impossible it would be.

I haven’t had a cycle on my own in over 11 years. I was diagnosed with PCOS just before we were married. I have been on Metformin, Clomid and other medications to try to get pregnant. We looked into IVF and realized that we could never afford it. We had given up hope. With my doctors blessing I SAM (stopped all medications) 3 months ago.

I ran across your website and decided to give some of the products a try. I have been taking Harmonize Phase 1&2, Fertilica DIM Complete and the Fertile Women One Daily Multivitamin for 1 month. I am ecstatic to say that I have started my period… on my own, for the first time in over 11 years!

For the first time in over 11 years… we have hope. I don’t know if we will end up getting pregnant… but you have given us hope. And that alone is a wonderful thing! Thank you!!!!

Meghan H., 36 y.o., TTC 6+ years

Hi Hethir,

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to me and my journey on becoming pregnant (hopefully in the future) your knowledge and amazing spirit makes me feel great and know I don’t have to be alone dealing with what I’m facing. I’ve been loving your periscopes to! It’s so amazing I can get in depth information by your lessons. I’ve really took on board what you have been saying and have already made changes to my diet. Just thank you so much for helping us women out here were so blessed to have support like you to keep us going. I’ve always brushed aside what I’m facing with, I’m 29 with the worst pcos, not getting pregnant or ovulating and no periods for 2 years and thought there was no way out but you’ve changed my whole outlook on looking after myself and nourishing my body.

I wrote you a week ago saying big thank you for helping me make the diet changes for my pcos. Well I’m absolute happy to say after 2+years of not having a period! my period has finally come. That’s because I completely changed my diet to a organic one and taken the wonderful vitex it’s only been a week since I changed my diet and today it has happened. I’m grateful for your information because it’s helped me think a lot about my future having children and know diet is the number one change I had to make in order to begin my journey.

You truly have an amazing heart & soul
Thank you so much

Laura M.

Excerpt from: Traci Attains Natural Pregnancy In Spite of Amenorrhea

Traci's Success StoryI was diagnosed with amenorrhea at the a young age and I was told I would never have children. So when my husband and I were ready to have children I did fertility medications and I was able to get pregnant with my first 2 children. At the time I did not know anything about natural fertility. Then 3 or 4 years later I wanted another baby and I had to use fertility medicines again and it failed. The third time it worked and I had my third child. My number one goal was to be able to have a baby on my own. I did numerous of research and I found out about this website. I also found out about vitex and maca…

The vitex and maca made me ovulate and have a cycle which I was unable to have on my own without the birth control and/or progesterone…

Traci, 40, TTC 2 years

I used OvaWise in conjunction with the Fertility Cleanse and the results are amazing. When purchasing these products I was not menstruating nor ovulating. After using them for the first month I got my menstruation back and ovulated as well. Great products!!!

Mfaladi, Gauteng, South Africa

I started taking Vitex along with Maca because we were TTC and my periods were very irregular. After not having a period for 3 months I started taking Vitex and a month later I found out I was pregnant! I never even got my period I just got pregnant instead!! Vitex is a Godsend and I have been recommending this site to all my friends who are TTC because this site is so helpful and the products WORK! Thank you so much.


After 10 years of being on the pill, I was finally ready to come off and start ttc with my husband. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that it would take me FOREVER for my period to resume on its own. After doing extensive research, I found RejuvaFlow and read the reviews. I was skeptical but decided to give it a shot. I took the drops daily (religiously) and paired it with a multivitamin and black cohosh capsules. I was very disappointed when it didn’t seem to work and chocked it up to the other women just being close to starting their period on their own… well, 4 weeks later and I am PREGNANT!!! I didn’t get my period because I ovulated and got pregnant! We are over the moon excited!!!

N.P., Boston

Fertility Success Story - Sharon My cycle never was a simple matter. After developing late and starting my period at 16, my cycles were erratic and painful. When they stopped all together at age 18, I was not sorry. Young and oblivious, I did not look into the matter too much. At age 22, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis – a result of having extremely low levels for 4 years (basically as if I had gone through menopause) I was in the midst of a big ‘wake up’ time in my life and was guided into a healing of my bones that doctors said was not possible – all through natural means (which included changing the mental-emotional causes of the issues). So I no longer had osteoporosis – my bones are now strong. But my hormones were still not in balance.

Some time later, I came across Hethir’s website and was inspired to do a cleanse. Just with Maca, Vitex and a clean diet, my period returned after 10 years – and was completely healthy and consistent for 5 months….When I got pregnant. My husband and I were surprised (after so long of not needing contraception, we were a little out of touch). So now we have a beautiful daughter. Easily one of the best gifts I have ever received. 🙂


Fertility Success Story - GloriaI finished the Fertility Cleanse thinking that I will have my period back but when I did not see my period I was angry and mailed the Natural Fertility Shop that they are scam without knowing that I have conceived until six weeks… I thought I wasted my money and resources without knowing that I have conceived immediately after the cleanse without even having to menstruate and I thank God He answer me in His mercy through your products and I remained forever grateful to God. I have also introduced my friends to your product… I introduce about 5 of my friends and two conceived…

What is some advice would you give others going through their fertility journey?

Please follow the instructions and ensure you eat for fertility because it means makes me to become conscious of what I eat to help my fertility and Pray to God for He will surely answer you and will also continue to pray for people like you for God to complete your joy and answer you the way He answered me. Please do not loose hope there is always a light in every turn.

My baby will be 2 yrs. by this April 2015

Gloria, 32, TTC 5 years