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My husband and I are over the moon that we are finally pregnant naturally with our second child after 2 years of trying. During this time I tried many natural supplements and treatments, but I feel like we only had success after I managed to switch my mindset from someone who was desperate to get pregnant and wanted to control everything to someone who has faith in herself and goes with the flow of the universe.

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Charlotte M., 43 y.o., TTC 2 years

Michele's 8 year journey to have a second childWe had our son 12 years ago without any issues other than a tilted uterus, but then when he was about a year old, I developed endometriosis. We began to try to have another baby when he was almost 2 without any luck. We thought it was just because I had a tilted uterus. We tried for about a year or so then took a break. A few years later we began to try for a baby again. We tried and tried and tried – no luck. In 2010 after about 2 years of no success, we sought out medical help and were referred to a fertility clinic. Our diagnosis was unexplained secondary infertility. We did a lot of tests and they followed my cycles to see if I was ovulating on my own, then we moved onto a few medicated cycles. We did 3 IUIs and more medicated cycles but still to no avail. The doctor thought that I had a egg quality issue. After a few years, I began to try some natural products to boost egg quality… I did a ton of research into egg quality issues and endometriosis and found the Natural Fertility website. I read quite a few testimonials and followed some of the advice.

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Estelle's Fertility Success StoryExcerpt from:
Estelle’s Successful Conception After a Year of Trying

My husband and tried to conceive for almost one year before finally getting pregnant. I did several acupuncture sessions, corrected my TSH level to a lower number (taking a supplement that contained iodine), used ovulation tests every month, had a healthy diet, took prenatal multivitamins and got tested for everything… I finally discovered Natural Fertility shop and website. It gave me so much confidence and information. I ordered the Fertility Cleanse and the OvaWise kit to improve my egg health, however I didn’t get to use the OvaWise Kit because I got pregnant immediately following the Fertility Cleanse kit!

Estelle B.

shaylee1Our fertility program was truly fantastic… we are, in fact, expecting a baby girl any day now! We were TTC for two years and had been told by an infertility specialist that we would never conceive without IVF. Just five months after implementing recommendations from your team, adding chiropractic care, acupuncture and a lot of prayer, we found out we were expecting our baby girl.

We appreciate the natural alternatives you and the Natural Fertility Team provide and we have shared your resources with a couple of our friends already.

Have a blessed 2015!

Update: Introducing Shaylee Joy, born February 18th! She is a healthy girl; 8lbs 14 oz and 21 inches long. We are doing well and so very, very blessed!

Breaha, TTC 2 years

I found your website earlier this year and have used it as a resource for my fertility issues. After two and a half years of trying to conceive, we finally did this past July, and I am happy and healthy at 14 weeks with my first baby. I am so very grateful to have found natural fertility info and Hethir. Week after week, her email newsletter spoke directly to me in regards to such topics as luteal phase defect and fertility nutrition and progesterone and BBT. All the pieces finally came together with this knowledge and application, along with regular acupuncture, fertility yoga and meditation. I was knowledgable enough about my cycle to request bio-identical progesterone supplementation during the first ten weeks of pregnancy and with Hethir’s latest newsletter (today) about pregnancy supplements, her guidance continues with me through my pregnancy journey. Today was a great opportunity for me to express my gratitude and share my story.


I’m new but I’ve been following the natural fertility website for about 8 weeks. I started taking maca and vitex for 6 weeks prob a bit less to be honest. We have been trying for a baby for over a year, initially I was told I couldn’t have anymore children I have 2 already, because of high FSH levels mine were at 20.

We decided that I would go the alternative route I did 5 weeks of tcm and acupuncture and I fell pregnant but sadly lost that one at 8 weeks. I carried on with TCM and acupuncture but stopped it about 3 months ago as I wasn’t getting anywhere. I read up on maca and vitex so I ordered it and started taking it I also started using toxin free household cleaners, clothes washing liquids and conditioners, pretty much everything I use don’t contain bad chemicals in it that can harm my body and upset my hormone balance.

Well that was 6 weeks ago that I started my new routine and today I have found out I’m pregnant 5 days before my actual period us due. I can’t believe it, I would recommend this to anyone.

Courtney, UK

I drank the fertility smoothie, did acupuncture and just got the news that I have a positive blood test!


I am a 37 year old woman. My female partner had been trying to conceive for 2 1/2 years. I tried 5 rounds of Clomid and two rounds of IVF . Labwork, HSG, and surgery failed to indicate any hormonal or structural problem. I always had at least one mature follicle detected on the many ultrasounds I received and we inseminated multiple times during my fertile window.

After the embryos failed to implant for unknown reasons during both IVF attempts, I was more certain that there was an undetected autoimmune issue that was interfering with implantation. Although my RE wanted me to try IVF again, my gut feeling was that IVF was overkill since all signs pointed to normal ovulation, etc. (not to mention the HUGE out of pocket expense). After taking various herbs recommended on this website, 12 consecutive months of acupuncture, 6 months on a naturapaths regimen, and multiple maya massages, I decided to try Wobenzym. At the same time I started weekly acupressure appointments. We’ll never what finally did the trick, but I found out I conceived approximately 4 weeks after beginning both of these treatments. We couldn’t believe it when the digital pregnancy test which I always thought was too harsh when it read “Not Pregnant”; finally read “Pregnant”. I’m grateful that I found out about Wobenzym through this website.

Renee, OH

After lifelong irregular periods, I had a surprise pregnancy when I was 35. I breastfed my daughter for 3 years afterward, and did not regain my period during that time. I tried some herbs off and on, but did not commit and did not see results. 3.5 years later, I did one round of prometrium (taken vaginally) that restored my period. I did acupuncture 2-3 times a week, and committed to vitex, and other herbs and supplements that supported my blood sugar maintenance, thyroid, and overall health. I saw several infertility doctors who gave me terrible odds of pregnancy (I am 39) and offered me all kinds of drugs. I committed further to charting, and used progesterone cream after ovulating. I read everything on this site and consulted with them twice. After 5 cycles, I am now 10 weeks pregnant!

I am 44 yo and had a tubal reversal on 4/19/12. I had begun to prepare my body and my husband’s body for conception several months before I even had my TR in hopes that my eggs would be healthy and my body would be healthier. After my TR I took the first month and did the fertility cleanse and just allowed my body time to heal. I have tried many, many things but the most important was regular high quality supplements to include CoQ10, a high quality prenatal vitamin, vitamin D3, vitex, maca (not as regularly as I would have liked), royal jelly or bee pollen (depending on which one I could find… most often royal jelly), evening primrose oil during first half of cycle/ flax seed oil second half of cycle, and our successful month I began the thyrofem thyroid support because I am convinced I have at least some borderline issues with hypothyroid. I used castor oil packs occasionally and self fertility massage. I have also been watching my diet carefully and eat as clean as possible, try to have a green smoothie daily with added wheat germ oil, powdered greens which include wheat grass, barley grass, and I think maybe spirulina? Another thing I did differently the month I conceived was that my DH and I began exercising daily at a local gym. I also followed advice in the book “Making Babies” written by a doctor and an acupuncturist and used a baking soda douche around the time of ovulation. I began acupuncture several months ago as well, which actually alleviated many cycle issues I was having and I believe contributed to my pregnancy also. With the acupuncture we began using a moxa stick on my low back every night (prescribed by the acupuncturist) during the TWW the month I conceived.

So, after all of the preparations and work to have a healthy fertile body, I was able to conceive on our 6th month TTC. I am now currently 23 wks. pregnant with a healthy baby girl. Don’t ever give up on your dream! I found that through our TTC journey I would change things around some months and try something new. Just keep working at it until you find the right combination for you.