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Mine is a slightly different story. We will need IVF because of a vasectomy. But I still wanted to improve our chances. My biggest complaint was that my cycle had gone from the usual 26 days long, to a sudden 33-35 days long. With age not on my side, and Google telling me it was a sign of perimenopause, I knew I had to sort it out. The website suggested Vitex to help regulate my cycle length.

I tried it. Not only did it go back to 25 days long, I actually had cervical mucus! Only AFTER making these changes (Maca, B complex, Royal Jelly also) did I realize how dormant my reproductive system had become! Maybe I really HAD been tending towards perimenopause. If so, Vitex aka Chastetree berry definitely put me back where I needed to be to improve my chances of IVF working.

Maybe I’ll come back and tell you about our guest time IVF success story too!

Rose, 36 years old, TTC 1 year

Dear Hethir,

I would love to tell you about my/our fertility journey.

Sine we got married in 2009, my husband and I thought we would have no trouble conceiving. I realized through reading the Taking Care Of Your Fertility book, that I obviously hadn’t had enough or good enough quality cervical mucous. I tried everything from evening primrose oil, to pre-seed gel and egg whites (yuck!). Needless to say, I hadn’t considered cutting sugar, coffee, alcohol or looking at my diet. I was always an extremist with my eating. Either too much or too little!

Well, as time went on my Gynae told me about IUI, which I was excited about. We then had to check hubby’s sperm count, which showed he needed to do more exercise, needed far less stress and just generally needed to change his lifestyle too. After about 6 failed IUIs, we then started talking about ‘this IVf thing’. Oh my gosh.

I needed to think about this very carefully because I didn’t want anyone to know I was considering going that way. As though it was such a contentious route. 😀

So we decided to go through our National Health system in March this year. By then I had not read about your blogs and had not at ALL understood the incredible importance of building your body up over months in preparation for IVF. So I had a great NYE party and no stress, and no actual focus on developing my mind, body and spirit to be at its prime for this monstrous procedure. Well, needless to say it all went pear shaped. I was on full meds, which was far too much for my body which is so sensitive to meds – they retrieved 2 eggs – one they could have used, ruptured!

Right after that, emotionally and psychologically a wreck, I decided to go to a very highly recommended acupuncturist to help get my body and mind back on track. I started feeling totally different. It was as though I was taking more care of myself and feeling more together and happy! While I wanted to go there primarily for fertility, I started noticing that my body was in a better space. It was then that I came across your website and signed up to your emails.

I started my hubby and I on Maca, green juices and fertility smoothies and just getting our minds right on this journey. About four months later… with prayer and support I finally am happy to be on this fertility journey. ‘That’s when everything starts changing,’ she [my acupuncturist] said!

Well, I carried on with my new take on fertility and growing my beautiful eggies as best I could (cause I knew God would do the rest if I did my best!) I stopped the daily alcohol and cut back so much on caffeine.

In November… we retrieved 3 eggs, two of which could be used and one that could not be used.
I was absolutely elated at transfer when he said to me that they were quality (grade5) embryos!
They had fertilized and grown beautifully just waiting for a new home – my womb! Mine!!

Well, as I type this, I am so so happy to say that I am 5 weeks pregnant and we are so blessed to be taking care of our babies properly from the start!

Here’s just (a very long) note to show you gratitude for what you do, Hethir. You are blessed to be helping others in a very profound way.

Warm regards and thank you ❤️

Carmen V., South Africa

Great product [UteriCalm]! Used it for my frozen embryo transfer & I believe it helped calm my uterus for implantation. I am now 5 weeks pregnant!

Mary M.

Abi's fertility success storyExcerpt from: How Abi’s Positive Attitude Helped Her Get Pregnant

In 2012 we experienced an life threatening ectopic pregnancy, we had not known that we were pregnant and initially evidence of the extent of the internal bleeding was missed resulting in emergency surgery and the loss of a fallopian tube.

The following year I discovered that I had miscarried at the 12 week scan… The Dr. advised that we have genetic testing done on the baby to rule out any issues. We found that the baby had Trisomy 9.

It took us over a year to find a clinic that was prepared to take us through the testing to rule out that we were carriers, since we had ‘only’ miscarried once. During this time I found Natural Fertility, I read a variety of articles about preparing for pregnancy, improving egg and sperm health and had a consultation. As a result we both changed our diet and lifestyle. Having somebody to converse with who could offer simple steps that we could take made a world of difference…

Abi, 41 y.o., TTC 4 years

Michele's 8 year journey to have a second childWe had our son 12 years ago without any issues other than a tilted uterus, but then when he was about a year old, I developed endometriosis. We began to try to have another baby when he was almost 2 without any luck. We thought it was just because I had a tilted uterus. We tried for about a year or so then took a break. A few years later we began to try for a baby again. We tried and tried and tried – no luck. In 2010 after about 2 years of no success, we sought out medical help and were referred to a fertility clinic. Our diagnosis was unexplained secondary infertility. We did a lot of tests and they followed my cycles to see if I was ovulating on my own, then we moved onto a few medicated cycles. We did 3 IUIs and more medicated cycles but still to no avail. The doctor thought that I had a egg quality issue. After a few years, I began to try some natural products to boost egg quality… I did a ton of research into egg quality issues and endometriosis and found the Natural Fertility website. I read quite a few testimonials and followed some of the advice.

Click here to keep reading about my 8 year journey to have a second child…


I was at a loss on what else I could do to try and get pregnant so I went ahead and gave this [Self Fertility Massage] a shot. It’s very easy to use and follow along. I used this one week leading up to our final IUI and sure enough I am glad to say that we are 6 weeks pregnant! I can’t say this was the only reason but I am very thankful that I found the self fertility massage!


Hi, I just want to say thank you to natural fertility, I am so glad I found this site, I have severe endometriosis and have been ttc for 5 years I have had 3 operations & a failed IVF cycle. I then did the Fertility Cleanse kit 2 months before my second IVF cycle & I am very happy to say I am now 9 weeks pregnant, I am so convinced that it is due to the fertility cleanse I even felt so much better after doing it, so thank you & I would recommend to anyone to give this a try.

Kelly E.

I want to share my story with you. I hope you don’t mind.

I miscarried in April, and was told by doctors in May that I was infertile and would have to go through IVF if I wanted to conceive. They also said that it would be difficult to carry because of my hormone levels. I set an appt with the RE for June 18, and set out to get my body as “fertility healthy” as possible before the appt.

I came across this website.

I began the fertility diet, and started taking some of the herbs they recommend. Part of my problem was low progesterone so I took the Chaste Tree Berry (Vitex) for that specifically. I also took Maca Root, and Royal Jelly. I was taking these supplements both morning and at night before bed. I wasn’t hoping for an immediate change. I just wanted to be able to know I did everything within my power to give the IVF the best chance of working.

My husband and I were completely shocked when I had a positive home pregnancy test on Father’s Day – just a few days before our RE appt. We felt blessed. I also need to mention that I was doing a spiritual fast during the month before my RE appt. I was praying specifically that God would ease my heart and prepare me for whatever He had in store for me.

All that to say – I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. I truly believe that the combination for surrendering to God’s will, making healthy food choices, and giving my body the extra boost it needed through herbs made all the difference for me.

Thank you for your website.


I actually did the Fertility cleanse a few months ago and started taking Maca and Spirulina at the same time. This was in anticipation of undergoing the next step in my fertility treatments, IVF.

I am happy to announce that I am currently in my 7th week of pregnancy! This conception occurred with no medical assistance! My husband and I are excited and nervous as we have endured 2 miscarriages which were both in the early stages of pregnancy in the past.

We are taking it day by day and hope to be into our 2nd trimester by the end of August and welcome a new baby into our family by March of 2010.

Thank you for all your helpful information. I’m certain it played a part in our miracle.

Vickie S.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the very bottom of my heart!

The thing is… I had to cancel my IVF today…. Because… Guess what? I’M ALREADY PREGNANT!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!

The world is such a better place with people like you around. Keep up the good work, and please: do not ever lose this passion of yours!

Jeanette, Norway