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About her use of the FertiliCare Phase 1 & 2 Program, Emilie says, “Had irregular cycles, with no ovulation. First month got my cycle down to 30 days, did not ovulate. Month two, ovulated and conceived. Would recommend this product. Was taking the lowest suggested dose. 30 drops twice a day.”

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“My cycles have been irregular for quite a while. I knew from research that this would indicate anovulation. Went to my GYN to see if there was possibly something wrong and what my next steps were. Blood work said there wasn’t anything wrong. Great news, but I still wasn’t ovulating or pregnant. Gyn said I needed to see a fertility specialist. I grappled with that idea for about a week and decided I was not going. I did not want that for my body. After reading many articles on Natural Fertility Info, I looked into the Fertilica FertiliCare Phase 1&2, as well as the Self Fertility Massage. My first cycle using the product gave me a 30 day cycle, when my last few had been well over 40. I did not ovulate that cycle. My second cycle using the product resulted in me ovulating and getting my very first BFP (big fat positive). I am so blessed. I was not taking any other product, and working a very crazy 3rd shift schedule.”

Emilie O., 29 years old, TTC 1 year

summer-cI have been wanting to reach out to you guys for a while, but life has been busy. My husband and I tried to conceive for three long years. I had stage four endometriosis, PCOS, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism, and homozygous MTHFR. He had abnormal sperm – only 1% normal. After two surgeries in one year, a round of Lupron, inability to ovulate, giving Clomid a try which only resulted in a huge hemorrhagic, and lots of prayers we were ready to give up.

After learning the condition of my husband’s sperm in January 2015, my ob said we had less than 1% chance of conceiving and she could no longer help me. We prepared to meet with a specialist and knew we would need IVF or most likely ICSI due to the severity of the situation. We were emotionally drained and ultimately decided to delay meeting with the specialist.

We took a cruise a few weeks later and tried to relax. We had discussed starting an organic diet previously and decided to make it happen in May 2015. Within a month we both noticed a difference in how we felt and started looking into natural ways to deal with various issues.

I never stopped praying for a baby and one night felt led to do a Google search for conceiving naturally with PCOS, endometriosis, abnormal sperm. I found your website and read pages and pages of success stories with tears running down my face. I went to Whole Foods and purchased Maca, Vitex, and Royal Jelly. Much to my surprise, I found out I was pregnant four days before my period was due in July 2015. I gave birth to a 10 pound 5.8 ounce baby boy in April.

Your website gave me hope, as well as valuable information that resulted in something I was beginning to doubt would ever happen. Thank you so much!

Summer, TTC 3 years

Hi Hethir,

I just wanted to let you know what an inspiration you are to me and my journey on becoming pregnant (hopefully in the future) your knowledge and amazing spirit makes me feel great and know I don’t have to be alone dealing with what I’m facing. I’ve been loving your periscopes to! It’s so amazing I can get in depth information by your lessons. I’ve really took on board what you have been saying and have already made changes to my diet. Just thank you so much for helping us women out here were so blessed to have support like you to keep us going. I’ve always brushed aside what I’m facing with, I’m 29 with the worst pcos, not getting pregnant or ovulating and no periods for 2 years and thought there was no way out but you’ve changed my whole outlook on looking after myself and nourishing my body.

I wrote you a week ago saying big thank you for helping me make the diet changes for my pcos. Well I’m absolute happy to say after 2+years of not having a period! my period has finally come. That’s because I completely changed my diet to a organic one and taken the wonderful vitex it’s only been a week since I changed my diet and today it has happened. I’m grateful for your information because it’s helped me think a lot about my future having children and know diet is the number one change I had to make in order to begin my journey.

You truly have an amazing heart & soul
Thank you so much

Laura M.

I used OvaWise in conjunction with the Fertility Cleanse and the results are amazing. When purchasing these products I was not menstruating nor ovulating. After using them for the first month I got my menstruation back and ovulated as well. Great products!!!

Mfaladi, Gauteng, South Africa

JenniferMy husband and I were blessed to get pregnant quickly with our girls so when we were ready for our third we thought it would happen again the same way. Little did we know we were wrong. After a little over a year of trying to conceive with no luck we decided to seek a fertility specialist. After many tests there was no real conclusion to why we weren’t getting pregnant. They recommended I try clomid to start with. I was on clomid for 3 months with no success. After that they recommended we IUI with the clomid. So we gave that a try for 2 months and still nothing. By this time I had gotten a cyst on one of my ovaries so I had to take a break from clomid. During this time I was searching for more natural ways to conceive and I came across Naturalfertilityshop.com…

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Jennifer N.

I have been trying to get my period back for 8 months since getting off birth control (which I was on for 3 years). The doctors didn’t think it would take me long to get it back since I’m only 21 and told me to just wait it out and see what happens. Well since my husband and I wanted a baby and as it turns out I wasn’t ovulating at all (I was only on the pill before and it was the lowest dose of hormone BC as well) waiting was not what we wanted to do. So they prescribed me progesterone to make my period start which it kind of did, however it was barely spotting and I had no cramping which wasn’t normal for me, and tests showed I still wasn’t ovulating. Several more months pasted with no period and that’s when I found RejuvaFlow. I decided to give it a shot and halfway through the bottle I could actually feel some changes (that progesterone never did), my nipples started getting sore and I began to cramp. A week later I started my period after 92 days going without, and the best part is it feels like a normal period unlike what I had with progesterone. I am very pleased with the results of this product and hopefully I will be able to get pregnant now (fingers crossed!). Thank you RejuvaFlow for helping me get my period back the natural way!


I had long cycles after my first pregnancy and breastfeeding for a year. Generally I wasn’t ovulating until 20-25 days. After that I would get my period 8-9 days later. I wasn’t even 100% sure I was actually ovulating. I starting using an ovulation kit and the first month it didn’t confirm ovulation. After some research I kept stumbling on vitex and how great it was at regulating periods, especially with short luteal phases. I also read that the drops tend to work faster than the pills. I started the drops at the beginning of my cycle and while my cycle was still long I could feel that I was ovulating and the ovulation kit confirmed ovulation at 26 days. 13 days later I tested and am pregnant. I figured the drops may take a few months to work so I am ecstatic that it worked so quickly. It’s a little annoying to have to count out 90 drops every morning and the taste isn’t wonderful. But in my opinion it’s all more than worth it. I highly recommend trying these if you are having issues with your cycle or ovulating. Such a great natural alternative to try before going on medications.


My husband and I had been trying for a year to get pregnant. We were successful in June of 2011, but had an early miscarriage – a blighted ovum. Around October (right after my 30th bday) my hormones got wacky and I started having crazy symptoms like night sweats, I put on a lot of weight, my emotions were all over the place, and I stopped ovulating. It turned out I had Pre-mature Ovarian Failure and it had cause me to be Pre-menopausal, at 30! My husband and I were so upset; we are blessed w/a beautiful 3 1/2 yr old, but we really wanted another, and our daughter really wanted to be a big sister. The Dr wanted us to go to the fertility specialist, but being strong in our faith, we decided we would not do that, and would look into natural methods….that’s when I found your website! In January I started my husband and myself on Maca and Royal Jelly. We switched our diet so that we were only eating hormone free dairy and meats, including our protein shakes. I started taking the pregnancy prep and did the fertility cleanse. Well this month I ovulated!! And now got 3 very positive pregnancy tests 🙂 Thank you so much!! Everything worked!! Now we just pray the bean sticks 🙂

I love your website. I am a 23 year old with PCOS. I have been on Metformin for years and also tried Clomid for 6 months with no success. I found your website about 2 months ago and purchased the DIM, MACA, and VITEX, the progesterone cream and then have also been taking omega 3-6-9, and evening primrose oil. Last month, for the first time in the 13 years I have had my menstrual cycle, I had a 29 day cycle. I am on day 14 of this cycle and this morning, I had a positive ovulation test (which I have never had). I am tired of being prescribed medicine after medicine and all of them have not worked. I am very excited about the possibilities and its because of your website!


I have suffered from irregular and frequent periods for the last two years. I knew for a fact that I was not ovulating. I was generally getting my period between every 12-14 days. I also had acne. I read your fertility diet article in August. I am getting ready to get married and wanted everything to be normal. I started on the diet, and began taking vitex. After two months a few days were added on too my cycle every month. I am now up to a 21 day cycle, and last month I ovulated for the first time in two years. I look forward to getting married soon and having a family. My acne also cleared up. Thank you for this website.

Amna, U.S.