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I just completed my second round of IUI today. The first time I had not explored products. My ultrasound yielded one 18 follicle on right and one 11 on left and estrogen was 250. Procedure was unsuccessful. Order this kit [OvaWise Egg Health Kit], and second IUI labs yielded 2, 17 follicles on right and one 11 on left and estrogen was 592. Additionally, my doctor reported that mucus lining was “great” when he preformed procedure. Nothing was different about me, my lifestyle and 1st IUI was in March, second today in June. There is no question that this product works. Even if I don’t get pregnant, at 44, these products made me 34 again!!! Thank you for all you for bringing these products to us!!!


My husband and I are over the moon that we are finally pregnant naturally with our second child after 2 years of trying. During this time I tried many natural supplements and treatments, but I feel like we only had success after I managed to switch my mindset from someone who was desperate to get pregnant and wanted to control everything to someone who has faith in herself and goes with the flow of the universe.

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Charlotte M., 43 y.o., TTC 2 years

Gina's Fertility Success StoryExcerpt from How Gina’s Faith Helped Her Achieve Pregnancy:

I’ve been married 4 years and we had been trying to get pregnant after the 1st year of marriage. In 2012 & 2013 we had a miscarriage both years. First the doctor told us that because of my fibroid tumors we wouldn’t be able to get pregnant but then we got pregnant and lost our babies. Then after the miscarriages they told us that we wouldn’t be able to carry a baby full term until I had surgery to remove the fibroids. However, the fertility doctor told us it wasn’t the fibroids but that my ovaries was old and we needed to do IVF. We continued to pray and ask the Lord for help. He lead me to the natural fertility info website…

…I ordered products to clean my uterus and to make my ovaries healthy again. It was going to take about 3-4 months before we should try to get pregnant again while taking the products. The funny thing is, is that only 2 months into taking the products we got pregnant again.

Gina, TTC 3 years

I used OvaWise in conjunction with the Fertility Cleanse and the results are amazing. When purchasing these products I was not menstruating nor ovulating. After using them for the first month I got my menstruation back and ovulated as well. Great products!!!

Mfaladi, Gauteng, South Africa

April 2013 – After the devastating news from my Fertility Doctor that I had low egg count for my age and that my chances of getting pregnant was about 5% I went into a deep depression. The Fertility Doctor recommended I do IVF right away at a cost of $14,000 per try with a chance of success of only 50%. I started doing research online about Natural Fertility Herbs and found this site. I quit coffee, alcohol, and started eating really healthy. Juicing and daily exercise, also I started taking the OvaWise Egg Health Kit and Acupuncture weekly.

After 3 and a half months I am Pregnant!!! 100% the natural way. I would recommend it to anyone trying to conceive, it works, I am proof!!

Update 3/30/15:

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Jessica's Family

Jessica, TTC 1 year

I would just like to say THANK YOU to you and your wonderful team.

I had low AMH levels and High FSH and thanks to your products of the OvaWise kit and your advice to take vitex my AMH was 0.1 in July 2013 and my FSH was 11.2 and I started taking ovawise in October 2013 and vitex dec 2013 (though had both levels retested in dec 2013 and AMH was same but FSH was higher at 17.6) And NOW in May 2014 my FSH is now 8.4 and AMH is now 1.69. My doctors have told me that FSH and AMH levels do not change it can only get worse not better. You PROVED them wrong.

Thank you!


Hello Natural Fertility Shop and Friends!

I am so happy to report that after two years of trying to get pregnant and after suffering a miscarriage earlier this year, I am pregnant once again. This pregnancy occurred as a result of my second round of IUI (after the miscarriage). However, the first round of IUI after the miscarriage did not result in a pregnancy. Before the first round of IUI and in between the first and second round of IUI, I took the Natural Fertility Cleanse and Egg Health Kit. It was not until after I had completed the Fertility Cleanse that I got pregnant. I truly believe that it was these natural supplements that helped me get my hormones back on course after the miscarriage and helped me to get pregnant soon after. Thank you so much for all that you do for women that are suffering from infertility. It is an awful thing to endure!

Thank you so much Natural Fertility for your help in getting me pregnant. My only hope and wish is for this baby to stay with me and be healthy.

Update, 1/3/14: I am currently 17 weeks into my pregnancy and both the baby and I are doing great. Heartbeat and sonograms look good and things seem to be progressing well. I am so thankful again to the Natural Fertility Shop for helping to get pregnant and sustain a pregnancy thus far. I have been telling others that I know are having trouble getting pregnant about NFS and telling them that I believe NFS really worked for me. Thank you again. Words cannot express how thankful my husband and I are to NFS and to you Dalene. Thank you!


Hi, I would like to say thank you so much for your product, I used the improve egg quality kit for almost a year And now I am very happy to say that I am 5 weeks pregnant !!!!

Update 3/21/14: Pregnancy is going great, only 2 months to go!! 🙂


I have been doing fertility treatments (IUI, IVF, etc.) for the past 6 years. I have a 3 year old through IUI. Since having her I have had 3 pregnancy losses after undergoing drug stimulation and IVF treatments. I decided to start taking steps to improve my egg health 3 months ago. I did the Improve Egg Health kit, drank wheat grass and spirulina smoothies every morning, took omega 3 pills, practiced meditation, consumed a mostly-organic diet, took up running (ran a 10k!), and drank lots of water all in preparation for another IVF cycle this fall. I thought…can’t hurt, why not? I called my fertility doctor last week to schedule an appointment to come in to discuss starting a new IVF cycle. But by the end of the week my period was late (which has never happened, ever). I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE! Something I thought I would never ever in a million years experience without going through IVF. But I’m pregnant. Very early…only a little over 5 weeks but if ever there was a miracle, this is it. I know that the past three months of taking care of my body and using the supplements contributed to this miracle. I am still in shock and so grateful and hopeful. Thank you Hethir SO much for your wonderful website and information.


I have been so quiet recently for many reasons but, the best one is that I am 11 weeks pregnant!!

For those of you who don’t know me I was told that I had Slim to No Chance of ever conceiving. I was diagnosed with high FSH and a low ovarian reserve. I used the NF Improve Egg Health Kit, and many other suggestions from this website! I was also able to go to Clear Passages to help with adhesions from previous surgeries. After an extremely difficult IVF process I was able to conceive! My doctor is calling it the miracle baby!! So keep believing ladies…never lose hope!

As far as I am concerned I am elated!! I have been soooo very sick. I have not worked for the past six weeks due to the morning sickness. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness…haha I am sick morning, noon and night. However, each moment I live in gratitude knowing that my little bean is holding on tight. We have had two sonograms and everything is moving in the right direction! Baby is healthy with a strong heart beat. Next week we go for the 12 week sonogram where we will actually be able to hear it for the first time. At that point I will feel safe to share the news with all of our family and friends. We have only told a select few to be safe!

So, I want to thank NF and the NFC ladies for supporting me these past couple years. The support has been invaluable! I am truly so grateful!

I will keep you updated as we move along. I just wanted to share so that other ladies that are given this diagnosis do not give up the hope!

Update: Gabriele now has a 14 m.o. son, Nov.’13