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One Client Shares The Role of Massage in Unblocking Her Fallopian Tube

self fertility massage

“I started researching other ways of unblocking my tube and came upon the natural-fertility website. The self-massage idea made sense to me…”

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Rida Educates Herself, Prays and Conceives In Spite of Blocked Fallopian Tubes

“Prior to finding “natural fertility”, I really had zero knowledge. Almost 6 years my tubes were blocked and I didn’t know. Only when I got married and tried to conceive I thought I should see a fertility doctor…” Read Rida’s story of success!

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Fertility Health: Myths About Natural Therapies to Unblock Fallopian Tubes

If you have recently been diagnosed with blocked fallopian tubes, you probably have a lot of questions about your fertility health. Good news! This article is for you. While researching natural therapies for blocked fallopian tubes, you have likely read some very interesting stories, but what’s the […]

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Recent Study Proves Manual Therapy Benefits Blocked Fallopian Tubes

If you have blocked fallopian tubes and are researching your options, a new study finds manual physical therapy offers a good chance for restoring fertility.

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How Nattokinase Supports Reproductive Wellness

Nattokinase is an enzyme that enhances the body’s production of the enzyme that dissolves and breaks down fibrin. Learn why this is important to fertility!

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Blocked Fallopian Tubes: The Pros and Cons of Surgery

Learn how having blocked fallopian tubes impact fertility, and the pros and cons of various surgical procedures to help you achieve higher pregnancy rates.

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Optimizing Chances of Conception With One Fallopian Tube

Having one fallopian tube limits chances of conception, but does not mean you are battling infertility. Conception can still happen!

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Can Systemic Enzymes Unblock My Fallopian Tubes?

You’re not alone in wondering if natural therapies can unblock fallopian tubes. Learn how Systemic Enzyme Therapy works for reproductive blockages and more.

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Commonly asked questions on Blocked Fallopian Tubes

Explore common questions about fallopian tube health, how to unblock them through testing or with natural therapy and chances of natural conception.

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