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How to Reduce the Damaging Effects of PCOS on Fertility Through Diet and Herbs

Article OverviewCauses of PCOSSigns, Symptoms & RisksTests & DiagnosisMenstrual Cycle IrregularitiesMedical OptionsPCOS DietNatural TherapiesSummary Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome may be one of the most complex female health issues of our time. It is the most common endocrine disorder in women of reproductive age. PCOS is accompanied by a […]

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Brown Spotting in a Menstrual Cycle – Should You be Worried?

Fluctuations in hormones – namely progesterone – during the menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility-health issues, or even pregnancy are several causes of brown spotting. In some cases, it may be completely normal.

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Stopping Birth Control to Start Trying to Get Pregnant – My Top Tips

So, maybe you’ve decided that now’s the time. You’re ready to start a family and you’re getting off birth control. You might be thinking: What do I do now? At this point, there are some important things to consider. Stopping birth control looks different for everyone. Your […]

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Estrogen Dominance and What You Can Do About It

Estrogen dominance is when there is more estrogen in your system than is needed, and this excess of estrogens may be causing fertility issues. This may show up as PCOS, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, or ovarian cysts. Even an abnormally heavy flow can be an indicator of estrogen […]

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Fertility Diet Tip: Identify and Combat Sugar Cravings!

anti-fertility sugar

All refined sugar needs to be limited and eliminated from our diet to benefit fertility. Learn what anti-fertility sugars are and how to quit them…

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How to Increase Your Egg Health in 90 Days

Article Overview Why Egg Health is Important 90 Days: The Cycle of an Egg Blood Flow & Oxygenation Hormonal Balance Nutrition & Supplements Stress & Fertility 90 Day Egg Health Guide Summary In the past, a common belief was that the only factor which determines ovarian and […]

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Audrey Conceives Naturally After Hormone Replacement Therapy

Audrey B Success Story

After conceiving her first child with the help of hormone replacement therapy, Audrey naturally supports her efforts to conceive her second with great success.

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How a Menstrual Period on Birth Control Differs From A Natural Period

We want you to know something that may come as a bit of a shock: A period while taking hormonal birth control (oral contraceptives) is not a natural menstrual period. In fact, it’s not a real period at all. Taking birth control can cause you to believe […]

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Jennifer Overcomes Absent Periods!

Jennifer P Success Story

Jennifer gave up on doctors after being told her tests were normal while she didn’t have a menstrual period. She educated herself and the results paid off!

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The Link Between Body Fat, Estrogen and Impaired Fertility


Know this, the level of estrogen in your body depends on how much is being made and how well it is cleared, as well as body weight and exercise.

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