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Archive for the ‘Hormonal Balance’ Category

Success Story: Audrey’s Conceives Naturally After Years of Medical Intervention

Hormone treatments helped Audrey conceive her son, for her second she decided to try to regulate her cycle and support her body naturally. She shares her story here…

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The Role of Acupuncture Treatment For Women With PCOS

pcos acupuncture

If you’re working on a PCOS fertility-health challenge, acupuncture treatment can help soothe symptoms and keep hormones more balanced.

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How Improving Nutrition & Digestion Helps Women With PCOS

berries and whole grains

Healthy digestion is key for fertility health, especially for women with PCOS as it helps to improve hormone metabolism. Learn how to improve digestive health …

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, A Growing Problem for Women in India

woman stretching

Studies show Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a growing problem for women in India; 1 in 10 women affected, of those, 5 women showing elevated testosterone.

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Lucy Quickly Regulates Her Cycle After Long Term Birth Control Use

I just wanted to let you know that I used and read the advice in this article “12 Weeks to Improving Your Period” after having been on the pill for 10 years and coming off… Read Lucy’s story here…

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Fertility Q&A: The Proper Use and Application of Progesterone Cream

Progesterone is a vital hormone for reproductive wellness and female fertility. Learn about the proper use of natural progesterone cream in this guide.

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3 Things Women With Endometriosis Should Be Doing Daily

Endometriosis infertility affects each woman differently. Regardless, there are three things every single woman can and should do daily to help her body fight and to boost her fertility.

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Learn the Aviva Method To Exercise More & Balance Your Hormones

Understanding the right amount of exercise for optimal fertility is important as you choose which exercises to participate in on your fertility journey.

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Brown Spotting in a Menstrual Cycle – Should You be Worried?

Fluctuations in hormones – namely progesterone – during the menstrual cycle, ovulation, fertility-health issues, or even pregnancy are several causes of brown spotting. In some cases, it may be completely normal.

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Video: What Causes Spotting During the Menstrual Cycle?

Spotting or bleeding between periods is a concerning menstrual cycle issue women experience. Spotting can be hard to understand, so here we share common causes.

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