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Fertility Study Review: Can Inflammation impact IVF Success?

Embryologist transferring egg IVF

Inflammation disrupts ovulation and we’re learning that, even with the help of IVF drugs, it can also harm the eggs that get harvested for IVF.

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Studies Show Fertility Implications for Men and Women with HPV

male HPV

According to a recent article in Fertility and Sterility, males with HPV contribute to lack of intrauterine insemination (IUI) success due to semen quality.

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The Importance of Managing Stress for Healthy FSH Levels

Women wishing to naturally support FSH levels when trying to conceive naturally or preparing for IVF must manage their stress. In this guide, we share why.

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Success Story: Rachel Conceives Her 3rd Child Naturally After Being Told It Wouldn’t Happen

“I was told I would never conceive naturally again. I was devastated! …At my lowest, I stumbled on your website… 3 months later I had my positive and I’m now 24 weeks pregnant.”

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Success Story: At Age 49, Nil Is Pregnant With Twins Via IVF

“Actually I have tried many of the products, it is hard to say which one made a difference therefore… But I believe acupuncture, fertility cleansing and fertility diet had an impact…” Nil shares more of her story here…

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Success Story: Angela’s IVF Pregnancy Success Story

“All I can say is that the help and support from Natural Fertility had to have had SOME part in this success story. Maybe it was a little peace of mind, some empowerment, or maybe it was the herbs and diet. Whatever it may be, I am beyond grateful…”

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Finding Calm During Your IVF Cycle

Are you preparing for an IVF cycle? Consider grounding exercises, affirmations and a specifically designed mind body program to help you stay calm.

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New Research on the Benefits of Ubiquinol for Egg Health

Current research proves the benefits of using CoQ10 Ubiquinol for egg health and female fertility. Click to learn more…

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Fertility Q&A: What Does It Mean to Have Small and/or Weak Eggs?

Helping you understand what it means when you’re struggling to conceive and you hear you have “small” or “weak” eggs.

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Study Shows Eating Avocado May Increase IVF Success

A 2012 Harvard study shows how eating avocado and monounsaturated fats as a part of a Fertility Diet may impact the success of IVF treatments.

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