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Archive for the ‘Secondary Infertility’ Category

One Client Shares The Role of Massage in Unblocking Her Fallopian Tube

self fertility massage

“I started researching other ways of unblocking my tube and came upon the natural-fertility website. The self-massage idea made sense to me…”

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New Research on the Benefits of Ubiquinol for Egg Health

Current research proves the benefits of using CoQ10 Ubiquinol for egg health and female fertility. Click to learn more…

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Systemic Enzyme Therapy with FertilicaTM Choice Enzymes

Systemic enzyme therapy is an important ally on a journey to optimal fertility health! Enzymes help maintain reproductive organ health and much more.

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Fertility Q&A: When to Consider Preserving One’s Egg or an Egg Donor

We hope that reading the support we’ve offered others who are also thinking about freezing their eggs or egg donation helps make your decision a bit easier.

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Best Practices For Interpreting Hormone Levels After Fertility Testing

We receive questions on hormone testing every day! We have clients who ask if we are able to perform these types of tests for them. Many share reports stating their test results and ask us to interpret them. We are thankful you trust us enough to want […]

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Jennifer’s Success Story: My Little Miracle

Jennifer relies on her faith and the success of others as she experiences multiple miscarriages and keeps moving forward.

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3 Uses of Coconut Oil For Fertility

Exploring the many ways to use coconut oil in your preconception and fertility health programs.

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Immune Infertility: A Dietary Approach To Health

The immune system is intricately involved in having optimal fertility health. Diet is the best place to start to encourage a healthy immune system response.

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Fertility Diet: The Natural Fertility Diet Nutrition Guidelines

Eating a Fertility Diet is the single most important step you can take to support a healthy reproductive system, promote energy and vitality and to help the body build important nutrient stores – antioxidants, vitamins and minerals – for pregnancy and the health of your eggs, sperm […]

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Video: Types Of Massage For Fertility

Fertility Massage is an effective, low-cost way to boost fertility naturally and help reduce the effects of fertility issues. No appointment required!

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