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Success Story: After 12 Years of Trying, Jade Conceives!

After trying to conceive for 11 years, countless doctors and fertility treatments, Jade’s faith led her to Natural Fertility Info. Read of her success here…

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The Role of Acupuncture Treatment For Women With PCOS

pcos acupuncture

If you’re working on a PCOS fertility-health challenge, acupuncture treatment can help soothe symptoms and keep hormones more balanced.

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Video: How To Stay Consistent And Motivated On Your Fertility Journey

consistency video founder Hethir Rodriguez covers how to stay consistent and stay motivated on your fertility journey.

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Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, A Growing Problem for Women in India

woman stretching

Studies show Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a growing problem for women in India; 1 in 10 women affected, of those, 5 women showing elevated testosterone.

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Fertility Diet: The Fertile Dozen

Take a quick look at The Fertile Dozen, 12 fertility-boosting foods that to be sure to include in your Fertility Diet.

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Video: How To Get More Nutrients From The Food You Eat

Natural Fertility Specialist Hethir Rodriguez talks about the importance of getting more nutrients from the food that we eat and how to get them. There are specific ways to combine foods to get the nutrients you need for fertility, specifically antioxidants, zinc and iron. This video was […]

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How to Create A Healthy Foundation For Fertility

Think of your fertility health in the same way you would a garden — before planting the seeds, you first prepare the soil, making sure it is rich with nutrients and all the components needed to help the seeds grow into healthy, fertile plants. You can build […]

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The Fertility Foundation Kit: Supplements for Healthy Fertility

Not sure where to get started to promote your fertility? This article discusses the best foundational fertility supplements for women planning to conceive.

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Histamine Intolerance and The Link To Symptoms of Sickness After Ovulation

This article explores the histamine connection to ovulation symptoms like nasal congestion, skin or digestive issues, and offers solutions to help manage it.

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Fertility Health: Reasons Why You May Not Be Ovulating

Are you concerned about your menstrual cycle and ovulation, specifically that you’re not ovulating? Learn several reasons why you may not be ovulating regularly.

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