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Free Event – The Conscious Parenting Summit

Free Event – The Conscious Parenting Summit

The Conscious Parenting Summit is a free online event featuring exclusive interviews with a selection of the world’s foremost conscious parenting experts…

Starting this May 22nd, for 16 days, you are invited to tune into the f*ree online “Conscious Parenting Summit”, featuring exclusive interviews with 16 of the world’s foremost conscious parenting experts, including:

* Dr. Sarah Buckley * Robin Lim * Laura Shanley * Ingrid Bauer * Elena Vladirimova * Barbara Harper * Jan Hunt * April Renee * Naomi Aldort * Hethir Rodriguez * Shazzie * Michael Mendizza * Carrie Contey * Bregje Hamelynck * Mary Jackson * Marilyn Milos *

This all-star line-up of conscious parenting professionals will be discussing and offering guidance for many topics in this field, such as:

* Gentle Pregnancy * Natural Fertility * Sacred Birthing * Water Birth * Lotus Birth * Unassisted Birth * Bonding * Vaccinating * Breastfeeding * Co-Sleeping * Elimination Communication * Non-Violent Communication * Circumcision * Nutrition * Homeschooling/Unschooling * and much more…

This promises to be an outstanding event, with information to literally save and transform lives…

To listen in to these fabulous F*REE interviews, join the Conscious Parenting Summit now…

Here’s to a brighter, more conscious future for all of us. Hope to see you there!

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