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I Am Very Happy to Introduce a New Herbalist to Our Team!

I Am Very Happy to Introduce a New Herbalist to Our Team!

I want to introduce to all of you my dear friend and amazing Herbalist Dalene Barton.  Dalene and I have known each other since high school.  I am so happy to have her as part of our Natural Fertility Community.  You will see her frequenting the Fertility Blog and Forum sharing her wisdom and her open heart, please everyone make her feel welcome!  I asked her to share a little bit about herself, so here it is…

From: Dalene Barton, CH, CD

Hi Everyone,

Dalene BartonMy name is Dalene Barton and I began working with plants doing landscape gardening right out of high school. I loved the work, but hated the chemicals used to control weeds. I have always been interested in herbal medicine, so when a Western Herbalism course started in a town nearby I enrolled. The more I learned about all the weeds I was killing and that they had medicinal or nutritional benefits, the more I moved away from using chemicals. I just began weeding more and even taking some of the weeds home to use for educational purposes. I also learned through my studies about the impact of chemicals on our bodies and environment. Herbalism changed my life, for the better!

I have been practicing natural health and herbalism for nine years. I received my training at Yarmony Mt. Herbal College. That training included a course on Herbs for Women and Natural Homebirth. Because of that course I chose to have my children at home in a birthing tub. Throughout both of my pregnancies I took herbs regularly to help tonify my uterus and help my kidneys and liver with the extra load they had to take on. From there I have raised my family using only herbal remedies, homeopathy, aromatherapy, and holistic healthcare practices. I became passionate about natural birth and felt more women needed help in achieving their goals of having a natural birth. So in the Spring of 2007 I attended the Labor Doula program at Birthingway College of Midwifery in Portland, Oregon. I am now a Certified Labor Doula. As a doula, I accompany women throughout labor, birth, and immediate post-partum. I am there to help women have a satisfying birth experience. I also take care of a beautiful medicinal herb garden at Birthingway College of Midwifery, it is filled with so many herbs for women’s health. I feel blessed to get to work with so many aspects of natural healing for women!

My favorite herb is Yarrow!!! I love Yarrow because it has an array of healing properties. From reducing fever, bringing on menstruation, reducing heavy bleeding, is anti-inflammatory and antiallergenic, heals external wounds well, stimulates and tones digestive system, and combines well with other herbs I love!, just to name a few. It also reminds me of home.

I feel natural health is a way of life. For me it is rooted in prevention; maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, maintaining low stress levels through healthy outlets such as meditation, connecting with friends, yoga, dancing, ect. It also means for me using the natural therapies around us to work with our bodies and for our bodies against illness, infection, and disease. Knowing what natural therapies are available to us takes initiative on our part, that initiative includes personal education on alternative natural therapies and those wonderful people who work as practitioners in this field. It is important to me to have a doctor who not only can prescribe medicine, but one who can also counsel me in what natural remedies to try first. Someone who trusts my body to heal itself with the help of herbs, massage, aromatherapy, homeopathy, nutrition, and chiropractics. Someone who also takes the time to listen and go over my entire health history and life, where I am in the here and now. Having a rapport with your health care practitioner is vital. Natural health also helps me to see the larger picture of the world and how I am so intricately connected to all of life, and that each of the choices I make in the day impacts the world in which we live.

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