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Natural Fertility Coaching Call About Fertility Hypnosis

Natural Fertility Coaching Call About Fertility Hypnosis

Join us on June 1st at 1:00 PST/ 4:00 EST for our interview with Fertility Hypnotherapist Jacqui Pilla.

Hypnosis has been proven as highly effective as it can help people uncover and heal any emotional or subconscious blocks that may be the reason for the inability to conceive. Hypnosis is also proven to decrease stress, which in turn prepares a woman’s body for conception.

In this call we will cover:

* How hypnosis works
* How you can use hypnosis to overcome fertility issues
* The studies and science behind hypnosis
* Plus, Jacqui will be doing a short hypnosis session during the call!

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Hethir Rodriguez - Certified Herbalist, Nutritionist, Birth Doula

Hethir Rodriguez is the Founder of Natural Fertility She is a Certified Herbalist, has a bachelors in Nutrition Sciences and is a trained Birth Doula and Massage Therapist. As a Natural Fertility Specialist, Hethir is dedicated to helping to provide a source for high quality, research based information and support for those on their journey to parenthood.

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