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March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month

March is Endometriosis Awareness Month 2017 1Endometriosis is a fertility health issue that happens when cells or tissues similar to the tissues that form the uterine lining (the endometrium) relocate and begin to grow outside the uterus. Endometriosis can grow in and on the organs of the pelvic cavity – ovaries, fallopian tubes, bowel, etc. Some women experience endometriosis so severely that it is found on other organs throughout the body (although this is rare). So far, neither a cause nor a cure has been found.

Endometriosis can have a devastating effect on quality of life due to its very painful symptoms; it is the biggest cause of infertility in women, and carries a huge personal and societal cost! It is time to raise awareness of a disease that affects women – and their families – in their most (re)productive years!” Endometriosis Facts

  • Endometriosis affects an estimated 10% of women worldwide, roughly 176 million women.
  • 24 to 50% of women who experience infertility have endometriosis.
  • “1 in 10 women of reproductive age in the UK suffer from endometriosis.”
  • “…Endometriosis can start as early as a girl’s first period, and menopause may not resolve the symptoms of endometriosis – especially if the woman has scar tissue or adhesions from the disease and/or surgery.”
  • Because symptoms of endometriosis are often passed off as “normal” due to being a menstruating female, it takes on average 7.5 years from when endometriosis symptoms start to get a proper diagnosis. This is why awareness is key!

Healthy and balanced endometrium growth is an important part of a healthy reproductive system. There are herbs, nutritional supplements and therapies for Endometrium Health (click that link to learn more) that are known to support the body to promote healthy endometrium growth, hormonal balance, and normal reproductive circulation.

Natural Fertility Info Resources For Endometriosis

1. Understanding the Different Stages of Endometriosis is going to be a helpful first step. Knowing the stage of endometriosis you have can help in determining the best treatment options, whether natural, medical or a combination of both.

2. Natural Fertility Company Founder Hethir Rodriguez shares of Endometriosis in her guide 5 Steps to Reversing Endometriosis Infertility – summarizing risk factors, causes of endometriosis, endometriosis & fertility health, medical options, as well as more on natural therapies to consider.

3. We have compiled important articles on the topic of natural alternative therapies and the most up-to-date medical procedures for endometriosis in our guide…

The Best Natural Alternative Therapies for Endometriosis

4. To find important posts and information from others, join us on our Endometriosis & Fertility board on Pinterest.

I hope the guides I’ve shared here are helpful and remember if you feel you need to have personalized support, consider a Natural Fertility Consultation. By booking a Natural Fertility Consultation, you will have access to: an herbalist who is assigned to you, answers to all of your questions, a detailed plan created specifically for you to get the best results with your Natural Fertility program. We’re here to help!


Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN
Dr. Christine Traxler M.D., OB/GYN

Dr. Traxler is a University-trained obstetrician/gynecologist, working with patients in Minnesota for over 20 years. She is a professional medical writer; having authored multiple books on pregnancy and childbirth; textbooks and coursework for medical students and other healthcare providers; and has written over 1000 articles on medical, health, and wellness topics.  Dr. Traxler attended the University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences and University of Minnesota Medical School,  earning a degree in biochemistry with summa cum laude honors in 1981,  and receiving her Medical Doctorate degree (MD) in 1986.

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