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Alexandra, 35 yo, TTC 2 years

Alexandra, 35 yo, TTC 2 years

Alexandra's Fertility Journey Interview - Secondary & Unexplained InfertilityExcerpt from Alexandra’s Secondary & Unexplained Infertility

I got pregnant very easily in early 2009 with my son. I have always had very regular cycles and I tracked my temps and CM as my method of birth control for about 5 years before my husband and I were ready to “see what happens.”

We started TTCing in August of 2011 for our second baby, thinking it would ideally happen pretty quickly. After 5 months of trying, we took it a little more seriously… My midwife and I troubleshooted a few possibilities too. My periods were steadily getting heavier and heavier and were extremely clotty. I was burning thru a super tampon in an hour or two and experiencing days before and after AF of brown spotting with occasional brown spotting mid-cycle.

At the 12-month mark, my husband and I met with an RE who was recommended by my midwife. He ran a handful of tests on both my husband and me… Everything turned out normal and we were officially diagnosed with unexplained infertility.

Our RE suggested trying a round of Clomid as the next step in an effort to boost my ovaries into spitting out two or three eggs, but I wasn’t comfortable with it. We decided to part ways with our RE and pursue more natural methods.

I found the Natural Fertility Shop and Community shortly after I was quite literally booted out of another infertility forum because I didn’t plan to go down the path that Western medicine has in place for infertile couples…
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