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I would like to thank you Hethir and your team members for your constant support. I also thank God for directing me to your site. I have now received the answers to my prayers and I am now PREGNANT! I did a test yesterday and it was positive. I am yet to see a doctor to know how many weeks…my hubby and I are so excited! Being in my mid 30s and diagnosed with PCOS, my hubby and I have been trying to be pregnant for almost 3 years. I was in despair, discouraged and almost giving up! But with the right information (Healthy Diet, Lifestyle and Supplements) from this site, I conquered PCOS and I am now pregnant. Thank you again and continue helping ladies out there who want to get pregnant. I believe there is a chance for every woman consulting this site, to be pregnant in one way or another. Never loose hope.

God bless!

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