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Brio, Age 36, TTC 9 years

Brio, Age 36, TTC 9 years

I had 2 miscarriages during 8 years of trying to get pregnant. They both are so difficult to get pregnant and when I was pregnant I had early miscarriage. I went to see specialist the doctor said I didn’t have any problem and it was ok to have 2 miscarriages. I asked him about my progesterone level because the 1st time I miscarried my progesterone level really low. He said everything was ok. I didn’t understand why my body can’t hold the baby. My husband and I thought we may not going to have a baby because I get older and more difficult for us to have a baby. One day I thought I might have some problem with hormone because I started to have more pimples on my face. I look up on internet and found out about progesterone cream. I did the research about the product and found your website which told me how to use the cream to get pregnant. I went ahead and tried the product … Thank God in the 2nd month of trying I was pregnant. I continued to used product then get the doctor to prescribed me 100mg of progesterone to used until 4th month. Now my baby boy is 7 1/2 months old. He is so cute like an angel send from God. When I look back I don’t think the doctor was checking my progesterone level. If he did he would found out about the problem and fix it long time ago. I feel like he didn’t really care about me that make me mad. If I know about this I would have my baby long time ago didn’t have to wait until this old. Thank you so much for your website. This will not happen without your information. I think I found you because of God. To people out there who are trying to get pregnant and no success please give this a try the miracle might happen.

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