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Chrissy S.

Chrissy S.

Prior to finding NFI, I had periods that would make the Halloween Massacre look like a walk in the park. Looong periods sometimes month long one with no stopping. Some so bad I would have to stay in the bathroom after calling off of work or bring a change of clothes with me.

When I was 17 I got pregnant naturally… I gave my son up for adoption, there in-sued guilt, depression, anxiety and fear after that about having more children…

When I was 19 I got married, we were married for 7 years and progressively became more depressed, periods became an issue with weight gain and we never tried. Years of off and on birth control for painful periods and I thought maybe I didn’t want children being with him because his family hated me and our marriage was very rocky.

After the divorce, I gained more weight (my highest weight to date is 645 lbs, I am also 6’5) and depression got really bad and I lost my job after losing my grandmother.

After two years of being single I finally met a wonderful man who is now my husband. We have not been actively trying but we aren’t preventing it either.

We have been together for five years, married for almost 2 this upcoming September and we both feel ready to have a baby. After working through anxiety disorder, diet changes and things of that nature to change myself for the better, I feel I am ready to go into proper motherhood.

Since September of 2013 i have lost 223 lbs, eating mostly paleo (I can’t give up cheese I love i to much) but I eat very healthy and gave up all soda and sugar and gluten (I have celiac’s disease) and I wanted to go more natural and be more healthy. i do yoga five days a week and walk five days a week.

Just this past year I have really started looking into healthier life style changes for a better body, mind and soul. I have looked everywhere online and only found that most people my age are getting IVF and things like that I don’t want that, I want to conceive naturally.

I am pagan, so I was sitting at my desk one day at work and just started talking to the Goddess. I asked that if my hubby and I were meant to have a baby to please show me a sign to someone or something that will help get my body back in order. I did a google search for fertility like always and Hethir’s site came up when it never came up before. i started crying because after reading a few things on here, I knew I had found the place that was going to help us get pregnant.

May 2014 I started taking Maca….after only 12 days on it I started my period…it was a god awful one, lot’s of pain and very messy but it only lasted five days and I feel that it ‘cleaned’ me out. I was told from an OB that I had low progesterone and was mostly estrogen dominate so this type of period is something I have experienced from using progesterone in the past, usually a bad period follows it. But this time, no synthetic pills just the maca.

I felt a difference..I felt more at ease, less stressed, a little emotional, but overall better. I have noticed changes in my cervical mucous although I have yet to really learn how to ‘read’ my cervix position.

Please don’t give up, don’t let people dampen your hopes or dreams regardless of what your fertility journey or issues are. My husband and I have yet to become pregnant but just the info here on Hethir’s site has helped change my body and has given me strength and confidence to know that it will happen and it will happen naturally.

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