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Courtney, UK

Courtney, UK

I’m new but I’ve been following the natural fertility website for about 8 weeks. I started taking maca and vitex for 6 weeks prob a bit less to be honest. We have been trying for a baby for over a year, initially I was told I couldn’t have anymore children I have 2 already, because of high FSH levels mine were at 20.

We decided that I would go the alternative route I did 5 weeks of tcm and acupuncture and I fell pregnant but sadly lost that one at 8 weeks. I carried on with TCM and acupuncture but stopped it about 3 months ago as I wasn’t getting anywhere. I read up on maca and vitex so I ordered it and started taking it I also started using toxin free household cleaners, clothes washing liquids and conditioners, pretty much everything I use don’t contain bad chemicals in it that can harm my body and upset my hormone balance.

Well that was 6 weeks ago that I started my new routine and today I have found out I’m pregnant 5 days before my actual period us due. I can’t believe it, I would recommend this to anyone.

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