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I’m wondering if its safe to do the fertility cleanse while nursing. I am part-time nursing a 20 month old boy, who is very used to this comfort nursing and will protest wildly at all attempts to wean. Im 41 years old soon to be 42 in September and I’d like to start a three month cleanse to prepare to TTC again in September. Also thanks, Dalene’s helpful consultation in 2011 after I had just experienced a second trimester miscarriage, helped me recover and conceive again just two months after later at age 39, resulting in my healthy son. He is my fourth child but my first born within my second marriage. My other children are all much older, conceived easily when I was much younger. I hope you can let me know what I can do to cleanse and prepare for one more child as I strive to complete my family. P.S. I’ve shared this site with several friends struggling with fertility issues.


A Note of Reply from Our Customer Service – We do not advise doing the Fertility Cleanse while breastfeeding. There are herbs in the Fertility Cleanse are not to be used while pregnant or breastfeeding.
The following article offers additional guidance:

You might also consider an herbal infusion during this time to support your body instead of the cleanse. You will learn more here:

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