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Elizabeth V.

Elizabeth V.

Milo - Elizabeth's son: Fertility Success!I had become pregnant a few months after my husband and I were married, but lost the baby at 12 weeks; after this, I did not conceive for months, but had heavy, irregular periods that I worried were very early miscarriages. I did not feel right physically; tired and sad and frustrated were my main feelings, but did not want to go to a doctor quite yet.

My mother found the Natural Fertility site and passed it along to me; I was amazed at the volume of information available, and the options that I could explore without going to the length of visiting a doctor, who more than likely would prescribe a less gentle method of healing my body. I ordered Fertilica Vitex, which, in conjunction with prayer, daily walks, green smoothies with superfoods such as spinach and Maca, as well as simply knowing that I was doing something to help my body, all improved my outlook, both physically and mentally… Today, three days past when I expected to get my period, I took a pregnancy test (the latest in a long line, I was starting to have a phobia for negative answers) and got two lines! Pregnant at last!

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