Emily B, 31, TTC 6 months

Emily B, 31, TTC 6 months

Following a back to back miscarriage and an ectopic pregnancy, I developed an orange sized ovarian cyst (serous cystadenoma) in just two weeks. The doctor recommended immediate surgery, but it seemed too soon to rush into something so drastic.

I followed the protocol at this page… mainly using the enzyme therapy, maca, and the castor oil packs (in addition to the steps to reduce estrogen exposure).

When I returned for the follow up ultrasound just two weeks later, the cysts had almost completely resolved on its own! The doctor had never seen anything reverse so quickly!

I am glad that I did not take my doctor’s recommendation to schedule surgery right away. My body knew how to heal itself and I’m relieved that I gave it the time to do just that.

After giving my body a chance to rest and heal, and doing some fertility massage, vaginal steam and fertility cleanse, we are now pregnant again!

I’ve really benefited from the products and free advice on this site.

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