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12 months ago I had miscarriage with my first conceived baby, and since then my partner and I have been trying with no success, I was almost going to give up. One month ago I came across your website and my partner and I started taking Maca and Royal Jelly, I also changed my job which is less stressful and I’m exercising regularly. I also starting Juicing and drinking your suggested Fertility Juice recipe which I loved and got addicted too and I also got my partner onto it. I am happy to announce that I am 5 weeks pregnant 🙂 I know it was all of the above that helped make this happen, but after 12 months of trying with no success, within 1 month of taking your suggested supplements and your advise, I have fallen pregnant.

I want to say a big thank you 🙂 your website has helped us immensely it is very informative and I hope it helps many other women like myself to achieve their goal.

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