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Frances, will be TTC soon

Frances, will be TTC soon

I was diagnosed with insulin resistance in my mid-teens in which PCOS, I was told could be another issue. I was placed on birth control along with other medications but only found that I was having more side effects than benefits. Over the years I have been struggling with keeping a regular period and even lost getting it for several months. Knowing how medication did nothing but harm me, I began searching for natural ways to bring my cycle back. I came across this website and read up on the herbs to help me starting with goldenseal for a week as a uterine cleansing then moved to vitex and black cohosh (vitex I took during the morning on an empty stomach and then the black cohosh mid-afternoon with a meal). Lo and behold after a month of eating right and taking those herbs, I nearly cried when I saw that I had gotten my cycle back. I will be married in October of this year (2013) and my future husband and I plan on trying to conceive shortly thereafter. I just want to sincerely thank you for this helpful, informative website and I hope to be writing a continuation of this story with a successful conception. Thank you so much once again.

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