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Fertility Success Story - GloriaI finished the Fertility Cleanse thinking that I will have my period back but when I did not see my period I was angry and mailed the Natural Fertility Shop that they are scam without knowing that I have conceived until six weeks… I thought I wasted my money and resources without knowing that I have conceived immediately after the cleanse without even having to menstruate and I thank God He answer me in His mercy through your products and I remained forever grateful to God. I have also introduced my friends to your product… I introduce about 5 of my friends and two conceived…

What is some advice would you give others going through their fertility journey?

Please follow the instructions and ensure you eat for fertility because it means makes me to become conscious of what I eat to help my fertility and Pray to God for He will surely answer you and will also continue to pray for people like you for God to complete your joy and answer you the way He answered me. Please do not loose hope there is always a light in every turn.

My baby will be 2 yrs. by this April 2015

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