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January 2014 – I found Natural Fertility after suffering a very physically & emotionally traumatic natural miscarriage. My Doctors acted like it was no big deal and encouraged us to try again in 3 months. Well I wasn’t willing to sit & do nothing for 3 months, get pregnant, and chance having another miscarriage. That was not an option for me. I needed to be proactive and learn how I could help my body fix whatever may have gone wrong. After many blogs I ran into and it instantly stood out from the rest. It gave so much helpful information without trying to sell me anything. I could really get a sense that Hethir & her team were in this to help women. I ordered the Fertility Cleanse & Self Massage video. I did the cleanse for 2 months along with the self massage & castor oil packs. I really felt like I was helping my body heal while God helped my heart heal. At age 37 with a long history of female issues I started to feel like maybe our family was just meant to stay at the 3 of us. 3 months went by before we knew it and although I did not feel ready to try again God felt otherwise and I just completed my first trimester! The baby is healthy and heart beat is strong! We couldn’t be more thrilled! I really appreciate the wisdom shared and I have shared your website with so many of my friends going through fertility issues. Thank You!

Update 4/7/15:

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Fertility Success Story - Ivelisse

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