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I am so happy to share that after having surgery for endometriosis in 2009 and being on birth control pill the two years following without having a cycle at all to prevent pain. I was praying for pain relief and found your website. I learned about vitex and started taking it along with nattokinase and natural women’s multivitamins and taking my birth control pills. I was amazed by the fact that for the first time I had a menstrual cycle with no pain! I was so thankful to God for being pain free I didn’t know that my greatest blessing was right around the corner! In April for my birthday I went to visit my in laws in New York and traveled with my Aunt in law to Bermuda and while on the trip I woke up feeling sick so my Aunt took me to see the doctor on the ship and found out I didn’t have food poison but instead I was pregnant.

So this Christmas I will have a healthy baby boy under my Christmas tree, all I can say is thank you Jesus my prayers have been answered.

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