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I wrote you once before tell you that my PCOS was almost gone, but soon after I went off the herbs and didn’t finish the cleanse my PCOS returned but worse. I am now back on the herbs, diet and cleanse that you recommend and I have great news. No, not pregnant yet, but I know I soon will be. I have been suffering with infertility for about give or take 13 years now since I started my cycle, though I didn’t want to have a baby then I wanted to make sure that when I was older that I could have a baby, but no doctors would help me. I finally had at age 19 a tumor removed from my uterus, that was benign. At age 15 I was diagnosed with endrometriosis.

Now that I am on the herbs, diet and cleanse I got the best news from the doctor the other day, that all my blood work for the first time ever my hormones or normal, YAY! I am so excited that I am one huge step closer to getting pregnant. Thanks so much for you site again and very informational, I will keep you posted when I get pregnant, thanks again.

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