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Kimberly L.

Kimberly L.

Hi, I want to thank you for your research, knowledge and products as my husband and I follow this journey of humbly praying and hoping we will eventually have a living child post birth, if our Lord is so willing.

Since 1997, I have had 10 miscarriages, and as of yet we have not been able to carry a child long. Most of the pregnancies have ended sadly at 6 weeks or sooner. No explanations, all doctors and all tests point to nothing wrong with me or Hubbs.

My husband and I had lost all encouragement from doctors that we would ever conceive again on our own being that we do not find IVF etc. biblically aligned with our beliefs, and being that I am 44 years old, my husband is 42 years old, and it has been a long long time since we were pregnant. I wanted you all to know that, along with heavy prayer to the Father in Jesus’ name, I began following your 21 day fertility diet, and using your smoothies fertility booklet as well, doing Pilates and light impact aerobics at home… and I will tell you with great happiness, we got pregnant a couple of months after following your books, Hethir!

I plan to keep praying, reading the Word, and practicing the suggestions in your books, and after unfortunately having a miscarriage this week, my 10th, at 4 weeks 7 days, I believe I will be ordering your fertility cleanse and perhaps other products just in case the Lord is willing for us to eventually have a child. I am considering it a miracle that we even got pregnant at my age, and I think it is interesting we just began following your books a couple of months before. I am almost tearing up here because the thanks from my heart is so sincere that you even tackle the unpopular subject of miscarriage/ infertility on your site. I remember having my very first miscarriage and none of the top popular pregnancy books even touched the subject when I searched for them early on in my life.I felt after the first ultrasound, when the girl just crinkled up her nose and said something doesn’t look right here, and the doctor came in and said matter of factly “You are miscarrying. You’ll be passing tissue for a few days. ”

Nothing was said about my baby, just comments about tissue passing. I felt like I didn’t even belong in womanhood or on this earth. I felt like a failure that no one else could relate with and I felt like there was no one to turn to. No one at that time acknowledged or addressed miscarriage, and no one had a helpful book or website with caring people, thoughtfully researching how to possibly overcome or increase ones chances against the mysterious misfortune known as miscarriage. I encourage you ladies to continue doing what you do. I thank you for it.

My prayers go out very literally to anyone who struggles with infertility and/ or miscarriage.Hug to you all and may we all have beautiful babies 🙂

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