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LaQuilla G.

LaQuilla G.

I am writing to thank Hethir and the team for providing great content.

Today, I got my period, naturally, for the first time ever during my journey. The past 10 years I’ve struggled with PCOS- the worst hirsutism & lack of a period. I’ve tried many things, including birth control pills that resulted in blood clots and a week’s hospital stay. While recovering, I began to educate myself and found natural-fertility-info (among other great sites). This site is where I first read about Maca…I finally took the plunge and added it and Evening Primrose Oil to my regimen.

I’ve only taken them for a month- I thought if it worked, it would at least be 3 months.

Again, thank you. My hope is to start Castor Oil packs soon and eventually the Fertility Cleanse. Although fertility was not my immediate goal, this breakthrough gives me hope for the future!

I’m so grateful to God for directing me to this site!

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