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Lynn W.

Lynn W.

I used the fertility kit [Fertility Cleanse Kit] this past month and enjoyed all of the products. The teas were mild and pleasant to drink. The milk thistle drops were also pleasant to drink in water. The pills were a little difficult for me to swallow, so I would have a bite of fruit immediately after. I chose to take this cleanse to prepare my body for conception in a couple months as I had a chemical pregnancy/early miscarriage (6 weeks) several months ago. I usually have 24-29 day cycles, averaging 28 days, although this lengthened my cycle to 35 days, where I experienced spotting for two days, and then a light period. It is unusual for me to have such a long cycle. The older I get, the shorter my period lasts — in my teens and 20s they would last a full 7 days, now 4-5 days, with one day of heavy flow. I did not experience heavy cramping leading up to my period or irregular PMS symptoms for my body, although one of my symptoms of the cleanse included feeling overly emotional toward the end of the cleanse, and my skin cleared up on my face. I look five years younger when I look in the mirror. I was traveling while on the cleanse, and the products traveled well. Also worth noting, is that I was not under any extra stress during this time from work or any other source, other than plane and car travel. I’ll be 34 in a few weeks. Hope this review was helpful and I will update this review when I am TTC in two months, as I hope this cleanse was one step in the right direction. I eat a healthy diet without processed foods, exercise regularly and am a fit/slender body type. I appreciate the efforts, research, time, and dedication that went into creating this cleanse. Thank you!

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