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After having a baby naturally in late 2010 we thought we would try and give our child a sibling. Unfortunately being 41 at the time wasn’t helping my chances so had some investigations done after 6 months of trying naturally and low and behold blocked tubes. So I did some research on the internet and found your site. I purchased the Fallopian Wise Kit to clear my blocked tubes last year (November 2012) I also had a small fluid filled sac in my left Fallopian tube called a hydrosalpinx. When I went in Feb. to have my tubes checked again (HSG) there was no more fluid filled sac (toxic) and I had fill and spill in my left tube but no fill or spill in my right however my FS specialist said that it could still be open as the fluid will go out the most direct route it’s already found being my left tube! So thank you Hethir, I did the massage as well and though the doctors don’t believe it was the herbs that cleared me up, I do! So I’ll be purchasing the Uterine Health Kit and Ovawise Kit as I’ve had a few polyps and egg quality issues we’d like to try and conceive naturally, unfortunately IVF didn’t work but doesn’t mean we can’t fall naturally. Hoping to come back with further success stories!

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