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Last Jan 17, I woke up and for some reason thought I’d experiment with my OPK/LH test strip to see how it would react with an FMU and towards the end of my cycle. I was expecting for it to be negative – faint or no line at all. But lo and behold, two dark lines appeared! What does that mean? Then I remembered from the forums I’ve read that a positive OPK at the end of the cycle could also mean pregnant?! I became restless and as expected I took an HPT and there… the most beautiful lines appeared right before my eyes. Went to see my OB last week and my ultrasound showed my little miracle. I am now just a little over 5 wks. It is still very early and long way to go I know. My OB ordered a repeat u/s at 9 wks to confirm heartbeat and all.

I can only be grateful for coming across your site. I truly believe that the supplements I took prepared my body in so short a time. I have referred your site to all my friends who have also been TTC for a long time. Thank you so much and may more women find your site so more dreams will come true!

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