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My husband and I both being in our late 30′s and wanted to get started with trying to conceive as soon as possible. We tried, but one problem… my period did a total disappearing act for the four months after our wedding. I just wanted my period back so I could start ovulating!!

I decided in late Dec. to take control of things! I found your website and immediately started making big changes–a more plant-based diet, doing some yoga, slowing things down in general. I also realized after doing some reading that I was likely estrogen-dominant. I had been given a prescription from my Ob/Gyn for synthetic progesterone tablets, but I was not interested in taking these. Anyway, I decided to start Pro-gest natural progesterone cream in January.

I used this for ten days and wallah! A wonderful, healthy 5 day period arrived! I was so excited–we could finally track ovulation again and start TTC!… Six weeks later… I was pregnant! We couldn’t be more thrilled. And thankful that all of these natural, proactive measures helped make it so easy.

I continue to use the Pro-gest once I found out as I had heard it can help prevent miscarriage. We are now 13+weeks along. One day at a time, but very excited:)

Thank you for your great website! Keep up the good work.

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