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Dear Mrs.Rodriguez and Team,

Thank you for generously providing comprehensive and explicit information about our bodies, hormones and how to soothe ourselves back to ease and wellbeing.

After 20 years of excruciating period pain necessitating continuous intake of strong pain killers… AND bed rest…After collapsing twice in the last six months… After numerous doctor visits and scans…I found you and I was better in 2 weeks.

After the fainting I was determined to try something… I also took a hormone test. Progesterone low …. Life has been stressful.

As I kept looking for hormonal “dis-ease” and Chasteberry your website came up to confirm the use and effectiveness AND also how the balance reinstates itself…naturally. I got onto 1,000mg per morning of Chasteberry. I also started taking flaxseed oil and applying Progesterone Cream.

I just remembered another element, a side benefit: I had noticed around 18 / 12 months ago facial hair, thicker, more plentiful, along jawline and the chin especially. I hardly survey my face so I am not sure when they first appeared… Nor when they first went!

That’s right, ten days ago I noticed it just isn’t here anymore. After 3 months of starting the regimen.

Two weeks had barely gone by that my period came. It was… something else! Barley a wee bit of cramping NO PAIN… in 2 weeks! After 20 years of weak legs, intense cramps and debilitating conditions… Truly amazing. After the amount of times Drs had told to keep on taking chemicals /pain killers…

I am so glad that I do not have to take pain killers anymore.

Thank you for your generosity and helping fix me.

Thank you very much. God Bless your families and your business.

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