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Naydeen, Age 38, TTC 4 years

Naydeen, Age 38, TTC 4 years

Naydeen's Fertility Journey InterviewI’ve been married for over four years and been working on having a family since. Each time I got pregnant I would have a miscarriage. I started doing research online and came across this website and saw all the success stories and decided to try some of the products. I got the liver cleanse and the maca powder as a start and took them for two months, I also had my hubby taking the maca in smoothies. My last pregnancy was in February of this year which lasted for only 6 weeks and now I’m proud to say that I’m about to enter my second trimester. I thank you for offering your help to women like us who sometimes gets soo discouraged in the process but there is always a success story at the end. I give all glory to God because He directed me to this site. Thank you.

Update 6/12/15:

Read Naydeen’s entire fertility journey interview here…

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