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No Name

I am 31 years old and have struggled with PCO all my adult life. I did not have absent periods but my cycles were irregular and I had a real hard time getting pregnant. We tried on our own for three years with no luck at all. Suddenly I got pregnant and I was so happy!!! But just weeks later we lost out baby. It was heartbreaking. Then, in the middle of all the grieving we got preggo yet again!!! I was so stunned. But just weeks later we lost our baby at 11 weeks… I thought I was going insane. I lost all hope and started to take clomid on my doctors advice. We finally got our lovely son.

When our son was 1,5 years we started to TTC again. I just felt I had to change my life and take control over my PCO. I found this site and started to follow the Fertility Diet and started to take herbs suitable for my PCO. My cycles started to get regular at 30 days!!! Can you believe!!!! And just months later I got my +! Now I am 20 weeks and just found out we are expecting a baby boy!

Thank you NFI for your help and endless support! Never give up. If I can turn my PCO around, I am soooo sure you will be able too.

Lots and lots of love!!!!

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