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Well my story has finally ended with a blessing! After 4 years of trying to conceive and multiple IUI’s and 3 IVF’s one which ended in miscarriage in November 2011, my husband and I are pregnant for a second time, however this time NATURALLY! I have to say after all the stress we decided to take a mental, physical, and financial break. Little did we know that we would get pregnant 4 months later on our own. What we did differently is starting taking Maca. I truly believe this has helped us conceive without drs..I believe in Maca, feel good on it, and hope that everyone can try it. I made smoothies everyday for the past 7 weeks with fruit, liquid omegas, and the Maca. I just want to say that it can happen, even to me, who thought that I could never get pregnant naturally. Please try it , if you haven’t!! Looking forward to my pregnancy, and can’t wait for my little baby to arrive!

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