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My husband and I had been trying for a year to get pregnant. We were successful in June of 2011, but had an early miscarriage – a blighted ovum. Around October (right after my 30th bday) my hormones got wacky and I started having crazy symptoms like night sweats, I put on a lot of weight, my emotions were all over the place, and I stopped ovulating. It turned out I had Pre-mature Ovarian Failure and it had cause me to be Pre-menopausal, at 30! My husband and I were so upset; we are blessed w/a beautiful 3 1/2 yr old, but we really wanted another, and our daughter really wanted to be a big sister. The Dr wanted us to go to the fertility specialist, but being strong in our faith, we decided we would not do that, and would look into natural methods….that’s when I found your website! In January I started my husband and myself on Maca and Royal Jelly. We switched our diet so that we were only eating hormone free dairy and meats, including our protein shakes. I started taking the pregnancy prep and did the fertility cleanse. Well this month I ovulated!! And now got 3 very positive pregnancy tests 🙂 Thank you so much!! Everything worked!! Now we just pray the bean sticks 🙂

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