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I just want to stop by and share my success with all of you. Even though I did not get pregnant “naturally” I feel I still need to share my success and how natural living played a instrumental part in that success. We have been TTC 3 years and after 2 ectopic pregnancies and two surgeries and a TON of heartache we decided to try IVF. Before that we have two full years of drinking smoothies, taking fertility herbs such as maca and royal jelly, did the fertility cleanse and started to drink my own creation of pre pregnancy tea!

After the two losses I always thought that I wasted time doing all the natural stuff and trying to keep my body balanced with yoga and natural living. Well I think all of that is what helped me with my first IVF success! I am happy to say I am PREGNANT and I hope to say in the uterus (after my first ultra) I didn’t have ANY of the side effects that you hear about from the stimulation meds or the progesterone oil. My retrieval resulted in 15 eggs, 13 fertilized, and we transferred one beautiful blast and have 6 frozen for later. The doctor wanted us to put back 2 but i just knew that one was all we would need and my goal has always been to bring home a healthy full term baby! SO with only a 40% chance we did our one and now our little pumpkin is growing in my very thick healthy lining.

I am SO happy now that I changed the way I live and they way I view food in general. I know it is the reason I am here today telling you my story. This site helped me so much with that knowledge, so THANK YOU for all you do for all of us here looking for a different/better way to make our dreams come true!

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