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I want to say THANK YOU to Hethir and her team for giving me hope and support! Your site is a gold mine!

Almost two years ago (summer 2013), I was diagnosed with POF and was told that I would not get pregnant naturally, my FSH level was so high that IVF was not even an option at the time. However I didn’t give up and I found your website and immediately started to educate myself on the matter, I changed my eating habits, I took my supplements (royal jelly, vitex, Wobenzym N, maca) I went on with my exercise routine, did acupuncture, meditated and stopped ttc for about 7 months. I wanted to keep the focus on healing my body and emotions. My husband and I decided to start ttc again in November 2014 and today I am happy to say that I am 12 weeks pregnant! Thank you so much, you are doing a fantastic job!

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