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I had long cycles after my first pregnancy and breastfeeding for a year. Generally I wasn’t ovulating until 20-25 days. After that I would get my period 8-9 days later. I wasn’t even 100% sure I was actually ovulating. I starting using an ovulation kit and the first month it didn’t confirm ovulation. After some research I kept stumbling on vitex and how great it was at regulating periods, especially with short luteal phases. I also read that the drops tend to work faster than the pills. I started the drops at the beginning of my cycle and while my cycle was still long I could feel that I was ovulating and the ovulation kit confirmed ovulation at 26 days. 13 days later I tested and am pregnant. I figured the drops may take a few months to work so I am ecstatic that it worked so quickly. It’s a little annoying to have to count out 90 drops every morning and the taste isn’t wonderful. But in my opinion it’s all more than worth it. I highly recommend trying these if you are having issues with your cycle or ovulating. Such a great natural alternative to try before going on medications.

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