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Thank you for this awesome site. Being the health nut that I am and having a miscarriage in April after 4 months of pregnancy, I was shocked that it could happen to me because I’m the healthiest person i know (nutrition-wise). So I decided to do my research and buckle down and get even healthier. I read every link on your website, did fertility smoothies and maca and spirulina for a couple months, and ate whole fruits everyday. Then I had bad news that I had precancerous cells on my cervix and the best solution was to do a leep. I was downtrodden because I thought my chances of conceiving were even less because of my now abnormal shaped cervix. One month passed, period came, I kept up with my vitex, hoping. Month two passed, period came- exactly at 28 days which I was impressed with having been through a miscarriage and cervical surgery and yet this little pill-vitex was keeping me exactly where I needed to be. It’s been 3 months since the procedure and I missed my period on the 1st. Having known the strange metal taste I wake up with in the morning and other signs like different vaginal discharge I had a hunch to take a test. It turned out positive right away! I shared it with my daughter and husband right away and this time I’m going to keep tabs on this site to help me through any pregnancy problems if I encounter them, but I think my hormones were in much better shape this time around so I am positive for this pregnancy and not as worried. Thank you for all your useful info!!!!!

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