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I found your website earlier this year and have used it as a resource for my fertility issues. After two and a half years of trying to conceive, we finally did this past July, and I am happy and healthy at 14 weeks with my first baby. I am so very grateful to have found natural fertility info and Hethir. Week after week, her email newsletter spoke directly to me in regards to such topics as luteal phase defect and fertility nutrition and progesterone and BBT. All the pieces finally came together with this knowledge and application, along with regular acupuncture, fertility yoga and meditation. I was knowledgable enough about my cycle to request bio-identical progesterone supplementation during the first ten weeks of pregnancy and with Hethir’s latest newsletter (today) about pregnancy supplements, her guidance continues with me through my pregnancy journey. Today was a great opportunity for me to express my gratitude and share my story.

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