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Renee, TTC 3 years

Renee, TTC 3 years

I began to wonder if I could have kids about 3 years ago and even before that because I’ve been having unprotected sex with my boyfriend at the time and never got pregnant. When I was 17 I contracted a STD that’s suppose to affect your ability to reproduce. I had a laparoscopy that detected endometriosis Nov 2011. I began considering IVF which would have been a financial burden and I was just so stressed. I researched online every thing I could to help find answers. I found this site and began a herbal/vitamin regimen and less than 3 months later, a POSITIVE for the first time ever. I thank GOD and I thank all those who communicate via web about their stories. I would love to be of help to anyone going through this same situation. Thank you so much Hethir. You’re a blessing.

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