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I wanted to share my story. I had been trying for nearly two years to get pregnant (and have it stick). I had multiple miscarriages. The Dr said it was because I was getting older and my eggs were too. So we kept trying. I was getting desperate, as the miscarriages were starting to take their toll on me – physically as well as mentally.

Finally, I started researching natural fertility methods (I wasn’t ready to try chemical or artificial insemination). I stumbled upon your website and decided to give it a try. I ordered the cleansing kit and I also ordered Maca. I did not try to get pregnant for 6 months while I cleansed and took the Maca. The Maca was amazing! I could totally feel the difference in my body!

After the 6 months, I ceased all cleansing as well as the Maca and we started trying to get pregnant. We missed the first month since the Maca made my body so efficient that my ovulation timing changed. The next month we did it! It took a few weeks for me to confirm the pregnancy by the Dr. office and by the time I was 7 weeks they pulled me in for dating by ultrasound. I was so nervous because my miscarriages dated out as far as 11 weeks. The tech told us we were definitely pregnant and we said “yes, we know that but is it a good one?” I’ll never forget the moment she said “oh, yes, here’s the heart beat…see?” I think my husband and I both just started crying. I had switched Dr’s so the tech didn’t understand why we were so emotional until I told her …and then she almost started crying too.

Now I have a healthy, beautiful baby girl that is 10 weeks old! I wholeheartedly believe that cleansing and more especially the Maca made the difference!!!!

Thank you so much for the information and advice!
I don’t think I’d have my little miracle if it weren’t for Natural Fertility and MACA!!!! There are not enough words to describe our joy and gratitude!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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