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RL, Age 39, TTC 4 years

RL, Age 39, TTC 4 years

Hello All:

I’ve had two mc in the course of 3.5 years, a husband with low morphology, one fallopian tube completely blocked and my left ovary not working. My AMH is .18 and FSH is at 9.2.

Tell me what else can I have wrong with me? My RE only gave me a 10% chance of getting pregnant on my own and a 30% via IVF. I was a poor eater and really did not take care of myself and my age was not of help. I started to eat healthy, drink plenty of water and started on the FertiliGreens and the Fertile Woman 1 a day for 2 month. I also started to track my temp levels first thing in the morning for ovulation and a lot of praying (very important). I want to say is early, but I’m PREGNANT. Girls, don’t give up and always try! It’s possible. The greens and the vitamins are heaven in a bottle.

Good luck and I wish you ali the best of luck.

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